Saturday, May 30, 2015

Subahan sets high standards...

MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal yesterday set the standard for his Executive Board (EB) when a payout of RM282,000 was made to the men's and women's teams.
  The money was bonuses as well as training allowances owed to the players from 2013, 14 and 15.
  And now, his EB will work to repay the RM2.7m owed to various debtors.
  "The EB has agreed and endorsed the various committee chairmen today (yesterday) and they have one year to deliver on their KPI, after which a review will be done.
  "We have paid money owed to players (men and women) since 2013 and now I give myself six months to clear the RM2.7 million debt and start afresh," said Subahan.
  Subahan will chair the Finance and National Team management Committees: "I want to chair these two committees as they have big responsibilities. One is to clear our debts, and the other to see that Malaysian men and women start with golds at the Singapore Sea Games and then the men qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  "It is important to stamp our domination in South East Asia again, while I am also fairly confident that the men will not dissapoint at the Belgium World League Semi-finals and give their best to earn a ticket to the Olympics.
  "Although this EB is only weeks old, still, we will give the present national team all the help they can get to qualify for Rio de Janeiro. After this we will work towards having a team at the 2020 Olympics as well," said Subahan.
  Men's deputy president George Koshy will head the Competitions Committee: "With his vast experience in running a Malaysia Hockey League team Goorge is the best in this department. To avoid a conflict of interest, he will release his position as president of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club soon," said Subahan.
  And women's deputy president S. Shamala will head the Development Committee.
  One thing for sure, there were smiles all-round when players and officials went up to collect their envelopes from Subahan.
  "Now that match bonuses and allowances has been settled, I hope the players deliver on the pitch."
  The newly appointed chairmen have one week to submit a list of their members and start working towards their KPIs.
  MHC Committees: Subahan Kamal (Finance, National Team Management), Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam (Marketing and Sponsorship), Datuk Ow Soon Kooi (Coaching), George Koshy (Competitions), S. Shamala (Development), Manjit Majid Abdullah (Indoor and Special Projects), Jadadish Chandra (Legal), S. Nagula (Media and Public Relations), Amarjit Singh (Umpiring), N. Radhakrishnan (High Performance), Satish Kumar (International Affairs), Nik Zarah Nik Kadir (Hockey 5s), Datuk Dr Shamsul Anwar (Medical).
  SAC Datuk Mohamed Adnan (Disciplinary), Datuk Azam Bakti (Ethics), Datuk T. Thavalingam (Appeal).
  Indipendendent members: Habibul Najmi and Ahmad Najmi (Two more to be named soon).