Friday, March 1, 2019

TNB Cup Final: UniKL waiting for Godot...

KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) will be waiting for a miracle to appear in their inbox by today morning, ahead of their TNB Cup clash against Terengganu Hockey Team (THT) at the Tun Razak Stadium.
  Dutchmen Valentin Verga, Robert Kemperman and Martijn Havenga, as well as top Irish goalkeeper David Harte, who helped UniKL win their first League title in nine years, will only be around to help them to a double if the European Hockey Federation (EHF) bothers to reply their email request.
  This is because the four are no longer available from March 1 onwards, as they have a contract to play in the European Hockey League (EHL) knock-out stage from April 17-22.
  Even though there is ample time, the European Hockey Federation (EHF) has only allowed their players to ply their trade overseas until Feb 28 even though their tournament will only be held at a much later date.
  UniKL wrote to the EHF some time ago but have yet to get any response.
  "We are expecting a reply from the EHF by tomorrow (today) morning, and hopefully UniKL's appeal receives a positive response," said UniKL coach Arul Selvaraj.
  Terengganu HT coach I. Vikneswaran is the least bothered about the saga involving UniKL's foreign imports.
  "I will only concentrate on my team, and plan for matters which are in my hands. The availability or inavailability of UniKL's foreign players is not in my hands, so I will not think about it at all.
  "Penalty corners could decide the outcome, and that is in out hands to plan for," said Vikneswaran.
  Terengganu HT have tournament top-scorer Jang Jung Hyun with 21 penalty corner goals, while UniKL's Razie Rahim has nailed 14 goals.
  The team which gives away the least penalty corners will have the upper hand today.
  SATURDAY: TNB Cup Final: Terengganu Hockey Team v Universiti Kuala Lumpur (Tun Razak, 5pm); Third-Fourth: Maybank v Tenaga Nasional (Tun Razak, 3pm).

Dr Ramlan: There will not be another Daphne Boudville

By Jugjet Singh

KUALA LUMPUR: There will never be another triple international in Malaysian sports, like Daphne Boudville.
  Yesterday, a book was unveiled on the athlete who died a month ago at the age of 77, and the whos-who of Malaysia's golden sports era attended the function at the Olympic Council of Malaysia.
  In her heydays, she represented Malaysia in hockey, athletics and soccer.
  Former National Sports Institure CEO Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz, one of the invitees, said: "Yes, there will never be another triple, or even double international in Malaysia because times as well as priorities have changed over the years."
  According to Ramlan, less competition, as well as less didtraction was the key those days.
  "Competition was limited, and when an athlete excelled in one sport, she or he were also asked to play another and so they became double and triple internationals.
  "Nowdays, the competition is very keen and even though we (NSI) encourage children to play all sports lke swimming, running and ball sports -- but they must specialise when they mature to become successful.
  "Also, emphasis on studies as well as other entertainment and virtual games has made it much more difficult to excel in more than a sport at the international level," said Ramlan.
  Daphne was the only Malaysian women to become a triple international, and it looks like the title will remain with her forever.