Monday, April 16, 2007

Negri also unhappy with MHF


NEGRI Sembilan Hockey Association deputy president Abdullah Sani Hamid
feels that the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) are not doing enough to
promote the sport at states.
He also feels that MHF should offer some sort of subsidy to help the
states get off their feet, because sourcing for sponsors is becoming
increasingly difficult.
Abdullah Sani, who is also the Yayasan Negri Sembilan director, has been
instrumental in the development of hockey in the state, but even he is
finding it hard to continue because the resources is fast drying up.
"There are two reasons why Negri Sembilan did not take part in this
year's Malaysia Hockey League. The first is that we did not have enough
money to field a team and the second is that we (Negri) will only be
making up the numbers if we took part because most of our homegrown
players are now based in the Klang Valley," said Abdullah Sani.
Abdullah Sani disagrees with the MHF ruling which states that only four
guest players are allowed per team.
"That ruling is really ridiculous because most of the Negri Sembilan
boys have found employment in the Klang Valley and are deemed as guest
players if Negri want their services. They were born in Negri but with the
MHF ruling, are not able to play for their state because they have found
employment elswhere.
"If MHF want more teams to take part in the MHL, they must first abolish
this ruling or the League is going to slowly die off," said Abdullah Sani.
And the fact that some of the `richer' teams have virtually hired the
entire national team is also one of the reasons, according to Abdullah
Sani, why the League does not interest the rest of the States.
"The imbalance in players is just too great. What is the use of fielding
a team in the MHL only to get the daylights hammered out of budding
"MHF must first help states run their own leagues and then have a ruling
which will balance up the sides in strength. Only then will states be
interested to send a team named after their sponsors."
And that is why Negri have turned to junior development instead.
"We will be fielding a side for the Junior Hockey League this year and
are in the process of introducing a Negri Sembilan League so that our
young players will have some avenue to keep playing active hockey," said
Abdullah Sani.
Negri, who will be hosting the 2004 Malaysia Games, have a pool of 30
players training hard to make a dent in this year's Malaysian Games in
"We have employed two coaches to take charge of each district and their
job is to groom and scout for talent. We do not pay them much (RM200 per
month) because we can't afford it. But these coaches are a dedicated and a
motivated lot and they are willing to sacrifice some of their free time
for the benefit of hockey.
"Negri are very keen to develop hockey but MHF are not doing enough to
help us. We need more assistance to run technical courses which will equip
our officials with the knowledge to run the show more effectively.
"But sadly, not much has been forthcoming from the national body."
When contacted for comments on issues raised by their affiliates over
the last few days, MHF secretary S. Satgunam said they have no comments
"There is nothing to say at this moment because we do not want to point
fingers and start a media war like what happened to the Malaysian Amateur
Athletics Union.
"We will be holding a meeting soon and maybe call for a Press conference
to clear up matters," said Satgunam.