Monday, April 16, 2007

Blame soldiers, not the Sultan


THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) is not plagued by problems because
president Sultan Azlan Shah is not doing enough, but it's due to the lack
of transparency.
An official who "has seen everything in MHF", but declined to be named,
said he was very sad when he read the article which suggested Sultan Azlan
Shah should relinquish his post because he is not doing enough to improve
the standard of hockey.
"There are three people in MHF who should be told to go, because they
have been doing nothing except hiding the truth from their president. They
are very good friends of mine, but sad to say they have outlived their
welcome in MHF," said the official.
The fact that no council meeting has been held for the past three years,
the competitions committee not meeting before the Malaysia Hockey League
and calling for entries to the Junior Hockey League shows that MHF is not
being run in the right manner.
The official also said that without the National Sports Council (NSC),
MHF would have closed shop long ago.
"When was the last time MHF sourced for funds to distribute to the
States or run their events? They have been existing because of NSC's
generosity towards the sport. NSC director general Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad
has a soft spot for hockey and that has been instrumental in MHF's
"The States have every right to question them (MHF) but that does not
mean everything is right in the States.
"MHF organised the World Cup in Kuala Lumpur without a single thought of
promoting hockey in the States. When MHF organised the 1975 World Cup,
they held it in Ipoh and Seremban. Ipoh, then, was a torturous four-hour
journey but MHF could still organise a few matches there.
"But when they hosted the 2002 World Cup, they only thought about the
Klang Valley. If they had held a few matches in Malacca, I am sure the
stadium would have been filled to the brim because fans from Singapore
would have also travelled to watch world class teams in action."
The official also felt that even if the competitions committee's meeting
was held before the MHL, it would have made little difference.
"Nobody says anything during the MHF meetings, and that is why it looks
like everything is fine within the organisation."
On the States, the official lamented on the death of quadrangulars and
triangulars that use to be the norm before.
"There is no use in organising world class tournaments in the Klang
Valley and announcing to the world that we are good organisers when all is
not well in the States.
"Other than running the MHL, Razak Cup and the Junior League, the MHF
does not encourage or command their affiliates to have mini tournaments
where new talent can be identified."