Monday, April 16, 2007

Kula: The truth will be known very soon


MALAYSIAN Hockey Federation Umpires Board (MHFUB) chairman V. Kulasingam
reiterated his stand yesterday that the truth will be out soon, and he
does not want to get into a war of words with his umpires.
On Sunday, international umpire Amarjit Singh came out strongly and told
Kulasingam and his board members to vacate their posts as they have not
been doing anything to promote the welfare of members.
"Like I said before, the truth will be out soon and so I will let my
actions speak rather than make statements. I do not have an agenda, and
those who have an agenda will find out soon what I mean," said Kulasingam.
When pressed further, Kulasingam added: "In every organisation, there
are rules which the members must abide by. I am not a one-man show who
does what he likes. I, too, have to abide by the rules set by the
Federation (Malaysian Hockey Federation).
Amarjit also said that he had approached Kulasingam and highlighted some
of the problems faced by the umpires.
Kulasingam, who did not want to comment on any of the issues brought up
by his umpires said that: "The umpires know what the truth is but they
choose to play ignorant. I will let the parent body (MHF) handle this
situation because when someone makes a claim, they must provide proof of
their allegations. If not, they should just let the matter rest."
Among others, Amarjit had claimed that:
* MHFUB have an indifferent attitude towards developing and promoting
* MHFUB are cash-rich but not conducting courses, seminars, dialogues to
chart the future of umpires.
* ALL the officials of the MHFUB do is go on a nationwide tour to
conduct fitness test at it's lowest level early in the year and that's end
of it.
* ONE never gets to see representatives from Sarawak, Pahang, Terengganu
and Kelantan near hockey venues, but they held portfolios during the
recent World Cup eventhough they cannot produce caliber umpires for the
Razak Cup or the national league from their states.
"The MHFUB has done enough to promote umpiring at all levels. And if the
umpires have grouses, I advise them to go through the proper channels,
either approach us or the parent body (MHF)," said Kulasingam.