Monday, April 16, 2007

BSN give Jolly Lads the sorrows


BSN ..............3 JOLLY LADS ......... 1
RAMD ........... 3 BCB ................ 4
BANK Simpanan Nasional (BSN) played at half-pace but they were still good
enough to beat Jolly Lads Sports Club 3-1 in a Malaysia Hockey League
match at the Tun Razak Stadium yesterday.
BSN played without skipper Lee Sien Lam, who was suspended for one
match, and rested their striker Rodhanizam Radzi because coach C.
Paramalingam wanted to rest him for the crucial match against Andersen
Sports Club today.
BSN only won one penalty corner, in the 25th minute, and it was duly
converted by Pakistan import Sohail Abbas.
The first BSN goal was scored in the 12th minute when P. Prabahkaran
made a field attempt. Three minutes later, Pakistani Kashif Jawad fired
home a field goal and it looked like Jolly Lads were in for a hiding.
But BSN played more cautiously in the second half and Jolly Lads became
aggresive and pulled one back in the 44th minute when Hasmadi Ismail was
left unmarked in the semicircle.
BSN are joint third with Andersen in the standings and even the goal
difference is identical. So the fans can expect an explosive match at the
Tun Razak Stadium today as BSN have two Pakistani imports while Andersen
have two Indian players in Dhanraj Pillay and Len Ayappa.
Today: Bank Simpanan Nasional v Andersen Sports Club (Tun Razak Stadium,
6.0), Bumiputra-Commerce Bank v Sapura (KL Hockey Stadium, 6.0), Tenaga
Nasional v Jolly Lads Sports Club (KL Hockey Stadium, 8.0), Navy v Maybank
(Tun Razak Stadium, 8.0).