Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ow Soon Kooi: Johor HA president ill advised...

Pic: Datuk Ow Soon Kooi

A statement from Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Vice President and Coaching Committee Chairman, Datuk Ow Soon Kooi.

AS THE chairman of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Coaching Committee, I would like to stress that the opinion of the president of Johor HA that MHC was not serious about the Sultan Of Johor Cup is indeed uncalled for and ill advised. 
  The development squad that is made up of mainly Under-21 players was assembled in February 2016 and has been in training since then.
   Some of these boys were sent to Japan and New Zealand and Perth on a playing Tour with the national team with the intention of exposing them to international hockey. 
   Majority of these players took part in the Brisbane playing Tour, TNB Malaysia Hockey League (Premier and Division One) and the Tan Sri Alagendra Cup. 
  The team then took part in the Australian Hockey League (AHL), which is rated as one of the most competitive in the world. 
  Three players, namely Nik Aiman, Najib  and Najmi Farizal who played in the ACT were injected to strengthen this team and had to play five games in a row which I couldn't even do during my playing days. 
  I watched the boys train and spoke to them prior to me leaving for the ACT. 
   I also spoke to them when sending them off from Casa MSN@ 9am Monday 24/10/16. 
   I watched them play against Australia and Pakistan in Johor as well as the rest of the games live on TV. 
   Yes, we played in patches but they could match every team.  
   We didn't get the goals and let in some soft goals, thus not achieving the desired result we had hoped for. 
   Just because we ended up second last does it mean that we were not serious? 
  So during the recent Olympics, the teams that ended up at the bottom of the tables were not serious? 
   Does the Johor HA president know the preparation we went through? 
   The boys played their hearts out. 
  No one wants to lose and we should be compassionate enough to acknowledge that the boys gave their all.
    If we were disinterested what was all this preparation for? Why was I in Johor Baru for? Why was George Koshy (deputy president) there for? Aren't both of us representing MHC President Datuk Sri Subahan and the Executive Board?  
   Does JHA expect Datuk Sri Subahan to be everywhere?
   I have represented the country as a player for 11 years, a disciplinary board member for two years, an independent council member for three years, four years as Penang State Hockey Association (PSHA) president and nearly two years as Vice President (VP). 
   I have attended every meeting without fail except for one with a valid reason. I would like to ask the JHA president how many MHC meetings has he attended since helming JHA? 
  As far as I can recall, NONE. 
  So it is ok for him to delegate representation for meetings and events, but not ok for Datuk Sri Subahan? 
   Must Dato Sri Subahan be present at every tournament and function? If he is present what will then be the next question? Where are the rest of the Executive Board members?
   MHC is a non-profitable organisation, some have time, others don't. 
   Some have the ability to assist with much required funding. Others have the constraints of work and distance. 
   But everyone is doing their part to bring Malaysian hockey to the next level and Datuk Sri Subahan has contributed immensely in terms of time, money and planning with MHC and the national teams' best interest at heart.
    I fully support the President and all Executive Board members who share the same ideals for the betterment of MHC, and for those who don't please choose to not stand for future elections.