Thursday, November 10, 2016

Johor HA: Read the constitution Datuk Ow...

Statement by YB Md Jais Sarday (Pic), President of Johor Hockey Association in response to statement by Datuk Ow Soon Kooi, Vice President Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).

WITH regards to attending the Sultan Of Johor Cup (SOJC), I thank Datuk Ow for his presence. 
  However what we are talking about is the final which was graced by HRH Sultan of Johor. It is a question of respecting His Majesty. 
  For the information of Datuk Ow, when Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was the President of MHC, he attended every SOJC since its inauguration in 2011 till 2014.
   As for the preparation of the team, the statement made by Datuk Ow contradicts the statement made by the MHC President that appeared in the media on Tuesday, November 8 which reads and I quote;
   " On MHC not being serious in preparing a team for the SOJC, Subahan agreed in totality.
  "Yes, we were not serious about preparing an under-21 team for the SOJC but because this batch is not our focus right now. Maybe one or two will make the senior cut, but the rest will not be able to help Malaysia in the next junior world cup.
  "Yes MHC were not serious about this team because they did not qualify for the Lucknow (Junior) World Cup (in December).
  "The Technical Director (Terry Walsh) and the coaching set-up are more focused on the present Under-21 team coached by Nor Saiful Zaini and the various 1Mas Under-16 teams which will form the base for the next (JWC) qualifier and the tournament itself," said Subahan."
I have never been invited to the MHC Executive Board meetings and I implore on Datuk Ow to read the MHC Constitution properly before launching a personal attack. 
    The change in constitution has taken away the Council and replaced by the Executive Board where states have no representation. 
   Those who sit on the Executive Board are individuals elected at the Annual General Meeting in May 2015. Thus the question of me sending representatives to the MHC EB holds no water.
   While I understand the President has a busy schedule, why is it that he has never come to Johor for the SOJC for the past two editions?
    It is indeed strange that MHC prefers to launch attacks through the media rather then open a communication with JHA. Although I am a State Executive Counciller and Assemblyman, I will find time to entertain MHC EB should they want to come to Johor and discuss the issues raised.
   All of us serve  the sport with sincerity and want hockey in Malaysia to do well. 
    Losing to Japan in an Under 21 tournament, failing to qualify for the Rio Olympics, the Junior World Cup and finishing third in the Asian Champions Trophy shows that all is not well. 
    We all appreciate the sacrifices and commitments of the players and coaches of the various teams but MHC needs to be more inclusive towards its affiliates rather then being an exclusive club for some quarters.
   Coming up with sanction fees, holding back sponsors contributions and negotiating a broadcast deal without the owners of the event being consulted shows the immaturity and high handedness towards the affiliates when in reality MHC should be assisting its affiliates rather then punishing them.
    We are all into this for the love of the sport, we all want the best for our nation and Johor HA will always support whatever is good for the sport.
    On the question of seeking positions in future MHC elections, I wish to advise Datuk Ow that we live in a democratic country and those principles must and should be upheld.
    I may not have an illustrious playing career such as Datuk Ow, but I believe that the affiliates have the right to decide who should represent them at MHC. 

Thank you
Datuk Md Jais Sarday
Johor Hockey Association