Thursday, July 2, 2015

Malaysia shoot themselves...

MALAYSIA blew their first Olympics ticket when they lost 3-2 to India, but still have another chance to make the trip to Rio de Janeiro next year.
  They must now play for the fifth spot as which is still worth its weight in gold.
  Double qualifications in continental championships is bound to happen, and now Malaysia must give their best for the fifth spot in the remaining two matches.
  India scored in the third minute off Satbir Singh and Jasjit Singh scored two more off penalty corners in the 48th and 56th to hand India the semi-finals ticket.
  However, with India having already qualified for the Olympics by becoming the Asian Games champions, there is bound to be a double qualification and thats why the fifth spot is important now.
   The Malaysian goals were scored by Razie Rahim (15th) and Shahril Saabah (23rd).
  Meanwhile, World No 1 Australia frolicked in scorching heat to edge Ireland 4-1, while Britain beat Pakistan 2-1 in their other quarter-finals.
  Australia will play Britain in the semi-finals, but they have  virtually checked into the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, as the top three are assured, while the fourth team will also qualify via double qualifications.
  Mat Gohdes (22nd) opened scoring and at the half-time interview, both Ireland and Australian coaches Craig Fulton and Graham Reid respectively said their players must be patience in the second half.
   Australia were more patience, and worked themselves up the ladder with three more beautiful goals to deny a fighting Irish their moment in the sun.
   Jamie Dwyer (45th), Simon Orchard (55th) and Blake Govers (55th) wrapped up the match for Australia, while the Irish consolation was scored by Shane O'Donoghue (57th).
  The Britain goals were scored by Chris Griffiths (fourth) and Alastair Brogdon (ninth) while the Pakistan goal was scored by Umar Bhutta (48th).