Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beng: Well be back...

JASJIT Singh scored his first and second international drag flick goals of his career, and it had to be against Malaysia in the quarter-finals of the World League Semifinals in Antwerp, Belgium.
  Both the Jasjit penalty corner drag flicks were actually floaters, meaning with medium power. And like feathers in the wind, both the balls looked like they floated zig-zag, and in slow motion, past the postmen and also goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin.
  Malaysia were, until that floating moment, leading 2-1 and about 12 minutes away from playing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  India are a diluted side here as both their penalty corner flickers VR Raghunath and Rupinder Pal Singh are on the crock list, but still made it to the semi-finals on sheer grit.
  Having already qualified for the Olympics by virtue of winning the Asian Games gold, India still had more fire in their belly than the Malaysian players.
  After the match, skipper Razie Rahim said they were caught off guard, as they did not know that Jasjit could also drag flick.
  Drag flick? Jasjit was just as shocked after attempts went in: “It was amazing. It was my first (and second) drag-flick goal in international hockey so it was amazing."
  The two attempts from Jasjit were so amazing, that Malaysian defenders could do nothing but watch with awe as the balls floated in.
  Manager Stephen Van Huizen explained that it was a bitter pill to swallow, but one we have to accept fast. 
  "It was a missed opportunity but we have to keep moving forward. Every team in the 5th to 8th play-off will be mentally and emotionally affected, and the team that recovers the fastest will have the added advantage", said Stephen.
  Beng Hai was more Terminator like: "We will be back back. We have played well in the tournament so far, but will need to translate our performance into results."