Friday, February 13, 2015

FumingMHC president calls off AGM..

A FUMING Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah took only six minutes to call off the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Kuala Lumpur Friday.
  The delegates, as well as Sports Commissioner Datuk Zaiton Othman were all suited up, but Tengku Abdullah did not wear the MHC blazer as he was ashamed of it.
  He also gave a new name the MHC -- Malaysian Hockey Confrontation.
  "As you can see I did not wear the MHC blazer as I'm ashamed of all that has been happening leading to the AGM and elections, we should now  call  it the MHC Malaysian Hockey Confrontation.
  "The AGM is postponed and we will start again by holding a council meeting in the first week of March to set the date for a re-look at the constitution as well as other matters," said Tengku Abdullah.
  He also warned the delegates not to bring disrepute to the MHC, which indirectly affects him: "I'm going to contest in FIFA (for Executive Board member) and don't bring disrepute to the MHC any more."
  One delegate summed it up when he said: :I drove for six hours and attended a six minute meeting."
  The mess was created after a hap-hazard EOGM in Johor Baru last October, where delegates voted to amend their constitution, but most of the proposed amendments were against the governing body's  
  "When I took over the Confederation, I did not know anybody except for the Pahang HA secretary, bity slowly I got to know everybody and had a comfortable stay. But recently, I am shocked with the tenacity of some members and am on a peace mission today (yesterday).
  "Malaysian hockey is ranked 12th in the world and not over 20. So lets behave like professionals and not behave like children. We need to uphold the dignity of the Confederation in the eyes of the world and towards that lets start by holding a council meeting.
  "This will be followed by amendments to the constitution, and from what I read the FIH wants gender equity not equality, so we need the same number from the women and men. If agreed, we can have two deputy presidents' so solve the issue.
  " We have a woeld class team, so lets behave like a world class organisation and resolve all issues amicably.
  "And with tomorrow (today) being Valentines Day, I propose that all of us holds hands and forgive and forget what happened.
  "This will be my last speech for hockey, as I expect everything to be sorted out with the FIH and also the Sports Commissioner by May.
  "I hereby declare that there will be no AGM today (yesterday) simply because some stakeholders are in dispute."
  Meanwhile, Tai Beng Hai will remain chief coach for the Azlan Shah Cup on May 5-12, while Neil Hawgood will continue as consultant.