Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tengku hits a bad patch

TENGKU Ahmad Tajuddin was named as the Best Player against Russia, but he himself is perplexed on how the selection was done.
He was shocked, and almost annoyed with the tag, as he felt he did not do enough to help Malaysia beat the Russians 6-2.
"I don't know why I was selected as the Best Player, as I really was not at my best in that match," said the 26-year-old striker with 130 caps.
It was a frank assessment of himself, as Tengku Ahmad was a pale shadow the entire match, except for the part where he combined with Faizal Saari to win a penalty stroke.
"For me, it is very simple as I do not find it important to win individual awards as we need to play as a team to win matches. Also, I am not too fussy about winning by scoring field or penalty corner goals, as all we need here is a clear win," said Tengku Ahmad.
He normally gets his name on the scoreboard in almost every other match, but in Dublin, he has not been his usual self.
"My job is simple; if I can't score, I need to win a penalty corner for my mates, and that is just what I have been doing in Dublin. And it has worked wonders, as our penalty corner flickers are on fire here."
Malaysia scored off eight penalty corners, one penalty stroke and two field goals off Hafifi Hafiz and it is only a matter of time before Tengku Ahmad, or Zidane as he is known among friends, claims a few goals for himself.