Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baljit's fan club...

LANKY Baljit Singh is Malaysia's pillar in defense, and his long reach has stopped many goal-bound shots during the 120 matches he has played for the country.
And the unassuming defender has found new fame in Dublin, as the legion of Malaysian fans root for him everytime he gets the ball.
However, being the most recognised face among Malaysians in Dublin has only made him more determined to help goalkeeper S. Kumar keep a clean slate.
"I am also surprised with the support I have been receiving here. It is really wonderful to hear the fans shout my name every time I get the ball, but it also means I have to be more careful and not make any mistakes as I am the last man before the ball reaches Kumar," said Baljit.
And his take so far in the tournament: "We have let in three goals after two matches and all were from counter-attacks after my team-mates were caught in the opponents half attempting a full press.
"This must be avoided at all cost, when we play South Korea and Ireland."
He personally feels the Irish are the most dangerous side in this tournament.
"I have played against the Irish and Koreans many times over the years and find that while the Koreans are still dangerous, the Irish are a more organised side in this tournament," said Baljit.
But having said that, the experienced defender is confident that both the Irish and Koreans are not invincible.
"We have been preparing for the two tough matches for a long time now, and after playing three relatively easy matches, I believe Malaysia will be ready to tackle both the tough matches."