Thursday, July 29, 2010

Constitution amendment gets council nod

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) council yesterday endorsed a proposal to amend their constitution which will turn the posts of their secretary and treasurer from elected to appointed.
The amendments will now be tabled for approval at the MHF EGM in September, and if it gets the 2/3 majority, there will not be elections for both the posts when MHF hold their Annual Genaral Meeting at the end of the year.
"The council members agreed that the amendment to appoint our sectary and treasurer be tabled at an EGM after Hari Raya. The overall response was good, and the motion has pased its first test," said MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.
A similar proposal has been bandied around for at least three times in the history of MHF, but it never went through the motions.
"My personnal view is that it is a good measure to tighten up loose ends in our administration. And even though we have a general manager and an appointed sectary, it will not be redudancy because the workload has increased tremendusly.
"Right now, we have five paid staff to handle matters, but with many tournaments and junior developments to run, we are still short or manpower," said Tengku Abdullah.
On the national team, Tengku Abdullah felt they should strive to achieve their KPI which is gold at the Asian Games.
"Their KPI is to win gold at the Asian Games and qualify for the Olympics. And if they fail at the Asian level, then the preparation must be turned towards qualifying from the qualifier," said Tengku Abdullah.
Then there were allegations that players did not get their full allowance payments because of mismanagement, but it was quashed when Tengku Abdullah said he has been briefed on the matter, and found no elements of faul play.
And the council then agreed to give the Project 2013 players an extra allowance of RM1,000 each for winning the Sea Cup title in Bangkok last year.