Friday, January 19, 2007

MGA bring game to laymen


THE Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) have come up with a novel way of
bringing golf to the man on the street.
You don't belong to a club? Nevermind, because when MGA finalise the
details, those interested will get a chance to tee-off.
"We came up with the idea because over the years we found many are
interested in the sport but because they can't afford to become golf club
members, they don't pick it up," said MGA executive secretary Lt Kol (R)
Bob Wang.
MGA are planning to allow individuals to become members, an extension of
their present policy of only having clubs as members or affiliates.
This will allow MGA to approach clubs on behalf of the individual
"MGA have approached a few clubs and have put forward this proposal, and
most have also agreed to provide discounts for individuals affiliated to
MGA," he added.
"Members will have to buy their own equipment and there will be coaching
clinics to familiarise themselves with golf."
Once affiliated, the members can take part in tournaments sanctioned by
the MGA but they will not have voting rights.
"The plan is to get a larger pool of golfers, preferably young ones. A
meeting will be held soon to finalise matters."