Friday, January 19, 2007

Karamjit and Roop lauded


THE Selangor Sikh Union Kelab Aman will host the 46th Gurdwara Cup and the
Annual Sikh Festival of sports on Dec 26-28 at Kelab Aman in Kuala Lumpur.
The event, organised with the co-operation of the Malaysia-Singapore
Sikh Sports Council (MSSSC), is more than just fun and games.
"This is the best avenue for Sikh sportsmen to show their skills and
over the years the standard of competition has improved greatly," said the
president of Kelab Aman Dr S.S. Cheema.
This year, the MSSSC have chosen rally ace Karamjit Singh and national
hockey player Roop Kaur as the sportsman and sportswoman of 1997.
"Karamjit and Roop Kaur have done the community proud and it is only
just that they are rewarded."
Karamjit is the Asia-Pacific Rally champion while Roop Kaur played in
the gold medal winning team at the Jakarta Sea Games.
The Selangor Sikh Union Kelab Aman have also decided to set up a sports
development fund to sponsor youths for overseas training.
"We decided on this fund because there are many talented youths in our
country but they do not have the avenues to develop further, the Selangor
Sikh Union has taken a giant step which I hope other states will emulate."
The carnival will also see street soccer and indoor hockey played for
the first time: "We decided to include these two games because they are
highly popular among the youths of today."
Kelab Aman, the main venue for the carnival, will receive an RM1.5
million facelift to prepare for the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games soon.
"The Selangor Sikh Union are very grateful because the government has
chosen it as one of the cricket venues for the Games and once the Games
are over, the field can be used to further develop the sport among