Monday, July 9, 2018

Van Huizen: Najmi no longer interested to play


Najmi has already sent a letter to the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) stating that he no longer wants to play for the country.
  Coach Stephen van Huizen confirmed it:
  "After the Argentina Tour, he injured his ankle slightly but that is not the reason why he quit the team.
  "Najmi just does not want to play for the country after he got married and even though we tried to talk to him he did not want to change his mind.
  "The matter has been discussed with the MHC as well as technical director Terry Walsh and it was agreed that if he is no longer interested we can't do anything.
  "We did ask him if it was temporary or for good, but he did not want to commit himself.
  "Luckily it happened about 40 days before the Games, and we have time to train a replacement," said van Huizen.