Sunday, March 18, 2018

UNDER 16: KLHA -- Kirandeep did not show up for all days

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) insisted Sunday that talented 15-year-old Kirandeep Kaur was not selected for the ongoing National Under-16 tournament because she did not turn up for 'all the selection days'.
  KLHA secretary V. Rajamanickam said: "Yes, I agree that Kirandeep Kaur is a very talented player but she also needs to go through the process of selection like other players. It would not be fair to select her if she does not come for all the days, while we drop someone who comes diligently."
  It was reported by TimeSport that Kirandeep Kaur came for three days for selection but when the coach and team manager was changed by KLHA, she was not informed about the new venue and dates for selection.
  "Yes we did change the coach and manager midway through selection but that is KLHA's preregotive. How come all the other girls knew about the new selection date and venue as well as coach expect for Kirandeep Kaur?," questioned Rajamanickam.
  National women's coach K. Dharmaraj has said many times that Kirandeep Kaur is a promising player.
  Darmaraj had said: ""I and other selectors have been noticing Kirandeep for a few years now, and after she impressed in the MHL (Women) by turning up for UiTM, Terry Walsh (Malaysian Hockey Confederation Technical Director) told me to include her in the recent four friendlies against Japan Under-21.
  "I had to say 'no' because the friendlies were a platform for my other girls to fight for a slot in the Commonwealth Games squad."
   Rajamanickam agreed with Dharmaraj but said: "We all know she is talented. But I am sure Dharmaraj has also dropped talented players with discipline problems before.
  "We just did the same."
  During the final KLHA selection, Kirandeep Kaur was involved with the Kuala Lumpur Schools Sports Council athletics meet where she won three gold medals in 100m, 4x100m, 4x400m and bronze in the 200m.