Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MHC: Competitions Committee retires its members...

THE Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Competitions Committee on Monday 'retired' eight of its members and are looking for new blood for another term.
   Competitions Committee manager Brian Fernandez said he was instructed to write the thank you emails to all their members by chairman George Koshy.
  "The members were recruited for a one-year period, which expired on Feb 26 and so I was instructed by our chairman to send them emails informing them of the decision.
  "There is nothing controversial about the move, and its just a normal procedure which we have done before," said Brian.
  The members, who served for a year, said they only attended one meeting on June 10 last year.
  "We have also sent out emails to states to nominate new members who will be approved by our chairman.
  "The appointment is based on a zonal structure where northern, southern, central as well as Sabah and Sarawak representatives are invited to join," said Brian.