Monday, October 10, 2016

Brother Jesbir: A passionate sports official...

JESBIR ... Holding card with I love Tolley (Punjabi slang for Tanjung Tualang)

SERGEANT JESBIR SINGH S/O MOKHTAR SINGH (101575), a passionate member of Sarawak hockey and cricket, passed away Monday.
  His last assignment with hockey was during the Sarawak Malaysia Games in August where he was the recorder for the men's and women's finals.
  Originally from Tanjung Tualang Sikh Settlement in Perak, Jesbir joined the force when he was 20 years old and has been stationed in Sarawak for the past 32 years.
  "I never wanted to leave Perak and cried when I was posted to Sarawak after I finished my police training. But after 32 years, Sarawak has given me everything and I will cry if I am posted back to Malaysia," said Jesbir to this scribe when we met during the Malaysia Games.
  Rest In Peace my brother, will miss you.... Had a fantastic time with you for 20 days during the Malaysia Games.
  RESIDENCE: No 605 Lorong Kedandi 1, Tabuan Jaya. Kuching.
  CREMATION: Expected to be on 12/10/2016 at the Buddhist Village, Jalan Seniawan, Bau.