Monday, March 14, 2016

Nat U-16: KL Girls' check into Round Two

KUALA Lumpur Girls' became the first team from Group B to qualify for Round Two of the 1Mas-Milo National Under-16 hockey tournament.
  The KL Girls play Negri Sembilan Tuesday, and its Negri's golden chance to advance as well, because if they can't win, all they need to do is keep the losing score low.
  Yesterday, KL beat Terengganu 3-1, while Negri Sembilan hammered Kelantan 8-1.
  KL have six points from two matches, while Negri have a draw and a win to be placed second in Group B. Terengganu, one point, and Kelantan, 0 points, are the other teams in the group.
  RESULTS: BOYS': Group A: Sabah 9 Kedah 0, Penang 2 Pahang 1; Group B: Kuala Lumpur 1 Terengganu 2, Perlis 0 Malacca 2; Group C: Negri 1 Kelantan 5, Perak 3 Johor 0.
  GIRLS': Group A: Malacca 2 Selangor 4, Johor 6 Perlis 0; Group B: Kelantan 1 Negri 8, Terengganu 1 Kuala Lumpur 3; Group C: Kedah 6 Pahang 1, Perak 0 Sabah 3.
  TUESDAY: BOYS' Group A: Pahang v Kedah (MOE, 3pm), Sabah v Penang (KLHA, 3pm); Malacca v Terengganu (MOE, 4.15pm), Kuala Lumpur v Perlis (KLHA, 4.15pm); Group C: Selangor v Johor (MOE, 5.30pm), Negri v Perak (KLHA, 5.30pm).
  GIRLS' Group A: Johor v Malacca (MOE, 8.45am), Selangor v Perlis (KLHA, 8.45am); Group B: Kelantan v Terengganu (MOE, 10am), Kuala Lumpur v Negri (KLHA, 10am); Group C: Pahang v Penang (KLHA, 7.30am), Sabah v Kedah (KLHA, 7.30am).
  WEDNESDAY: Boys' Group C: Kelantan v Perak (MOE, 4pm), Selangor v Negri (KLHA, 4pm).
  Girls' Group C: Perak v Penang (MOE, 7.30am), Sabah v Pahang (KLHA, 7.30am).
  NOTE: All matches at Ministry of Education (MOE) and Kuala Lumpur HA (KLHA) stadiums at Jalan Pantai.