Saturday, January 9, 2016

Steep rentals: Corporation ready to give discounts

STADIUM Malaysia Corporation Friday gave assurance that they are in negotiation with the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) on discounts for pitch bookings at Bukit Jalil and Tun Razak Stadiums.
  This came about after clubs and social teams cried foul over almost 100 per cent rise in rental prices, which also saw the hours being shortened.
  Stadium Malaysia Corporation CEO Azman Fahmi said: "We had no choice but to raise rental at both the stadiums because or rising costs like electricity and maintenance. But rest assured, we are in the midst of negotiating discounts with the MHC to lower the rates."
   The Junior Hockey League (JHL), starting on Jan 15, is just around the corner and teams are edgy because there is no concrete development in the negotiations yet.
  Last year, it was RM130 for the MHC to rent for one match (two hours) at Bukit Jalil, but the new season will see teams paying RM250 to RM300 with floodlights.
  And at Tun Razak, which is also under the Stadium Corporation, the rates for night remains at RM120, but the minutes have been reduced from 90 to 60 minutes.
  However, for daytime it has now doubled to RM80 per hour, from RM40.
  All these rates are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  "I have forwarded the new rates for MHC and its affiliates to our chairman for approval. Once I receive the green light, I can forward the information to the said parties," said Azman.
   Last year, bookings for the JHL season was RM130 per-game, but it went up to RM300 for Malaysia Hockey League matches which were played under floodlights.
  Comparatively, at the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Stadium the rates are much lower. Its RM40 per-hour for bookings from 8am to 4pm, and RM50 per-hour from 4pm to 7pm. At night under the floodlights, its only RM90 per hour.
  The KLHA Stadium is fully booked months ahead as the rates are very reasonable.
  On another note, Azman said both the hockey pitches at Bukit Jalil will not be closed this year for the 2017 Kuala Lumpur Sea Games preparations.
  "Initially there were plans to close both the pitches to public as we wanted to re-turf them. But after discussing with the MHC, we will now allow them to use the pitches until the end of the year before we start re-turfing both the pitches for Sea Games," said Azman.
  The only other facility at Bukit Jalil which will remain open for the year is the Aquatic Centre while the rest, including Stadium Malaysia HQ at the soccer stadium, will be closed for Sea Games renocations.
  STADIUM Corporation published rates at Bukit Jalil: 1. 7am-7pm: RM150 per 60m, RM225 per 90m.
  2. 7pm-12am (with full lighting - best for TV Coverage): RM300 per 60m, RM450 per 90m.
  3. 7pm-12am (with half lighting): RM225 per 60m, RM300 per 90m.
  NOTE: Negotiations are ongoing for a different rate for MHC, their affiliates and schools.