Friday, May 8, 2015

Sarawak poser...

MORE administrative worms crawled out of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) affiliates as their May 13 election fever reaches a burning point.
  This time, it was Sarawak HA's turn to fail miserably in merging the men and women's section and Sports Commissioner Datuk Zaitun Othman has caught them by their scrotum.
  "Sarawak have yet to merge their men and women's section as well as register with the Sports Commissioner's office. However, they still have time to rectify the situation by submitting the relevant paperwork before May 13 to be eligible to vote," said Zaiton.
  Zaiton said she only needed a minute to approve their paper work, if its in order.
  A merger between the men and women has long been championed by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) but MHC affiliates have been slow as snails to get this administrative side in order.
  "Sarawak can still vote in the May 13 elections, provided they give me the completed paperwork. I would only need a minute to make them legal voters when everything is provided," said Zaitun.
  The worrying factor is that Sarawak HA have been actively involved in the MHC matters for the last three years even though they have yet to register with the Sports Commissioner's office.
  The Sports Development act 1997 came to force in East Malaysia in 2012, but Sarawak have yet to comply with its requirements.
  Sarawak were also involved in nomination candidates for the MHC elections.
  "If they submit the papers, they can vote, if not it is better Sarawak HA stay away from the MHC Annual General Meeting (AGM)," said an MHC official who declined to be named.
  The other worm came out from Perlis' can, as they have yet to submit annual reports since 2012.
  "The Sports Commissioner's office has sent a warning letter to Perlis on as they have yet to submit their annual reports to us. But Perlis can still vote in the AGM as we have only warned them to comply," clarified Zaitun.
  The odd matter was that while Sawarak, still registered with the Registrar of Societies, sent in nominations for the election, Perlis did not nominate anybody as they feared being branded as an illegal body.
  Sarawak HA secretary William Lee could not be contacted for comments.