Saturday, March 14, 2015

Marlena dashes Malaysian hope..

THE National women's hockey team failed at the last hurdle when they were edged 1-0 by Poland in the semi-finals of the World League Round Two in New Delhi yesterday.
  Malaysia had scored a total of 18 goals in four matches and never let in a single one, until they met Poland in the last four.
  Marlena Rybacha was the toast of the Poles, as her third minute penalty corner goal took them into the final, and also earned them a ticket into the World League Semi-finals where berths to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics are on offer.
  For the record, it was only Marlena's fourth goal of the tournament which dashed Malaysia's hopes.
  The other semi-finals late yesterday was between India and Thailand, with the hosts being hot favourites to advance to the final.
  Malaysia will now play for the bronze but it would highly likely be a Sea Games warm-up against Thailand, and the medal would not take them into the WL Semi-finals.
  The WL rules stipulate that the highest ranked bronze medallists in three of the Round Two tournaments will also advance, but Azarbaijan, ranked 19th, finished third in Montevideo and are eagerly awaiting qualification.
  Malaysia are ranked 21st in the world.