Monday, August 18, 2014

Tengku Abdullah to quit MHC in November...

MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will not seek re-election for another term when the Annual General Meeting is held in November.
   However, he is looking to jump onto a bigger ship, as he eyes the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) presidents post on Aug 31.
    He made the stand yesterday after MHC held their council meeting to discuss about amendments to their constitution.
   “I will not stand for MHC elections in November and this is an early notice to would be candidate(s) who are interested to take over the helm of MHC.
   “Yes, I am disappointed with some of the resent happenings (Malaysia doing badly in the World Cup as well as Commonwealth Games) but my decision is not solely based on that.
   “I have informed the council many times of my intention in the past, but if there is good news from the Asian Games, like a gold medal, I may re-consider my decision,” said Tengku Abdullah.
   He has been at the helm of MHC since Nov 2008, and under him, the Confederation has had a good time filling up its coffers, and the juniors have done well while the seniors qualified for the World Cup after 12 years.
    The MHC council, however, were unanimous in wanting him to stay on.
    “The council members still want him to helm hockey and this is a unanimous decision, as we try and coax Tengku Abdullah to stay on for another term,” said MHC senior vice president S. Shamala.
   When asked if he has a replacement in mind: “No, I don’t have anybody in mind, but the person must have a big heart and deep pockets.”
    There were whispers that Tengku Abdullah will hold a discussion with his possible successor after the council meeting yesterday but he neither confirmed nor denied about it.
   “News travels fast around here, but no, I don’t have a successor in mind.
   As for the AHF elections, nominations close on Aug 20, and the MHC have nominated Tengku Abdullah and at present it looks like he will be challenged by a candidate from Pakistan.
   “I am not jumping ship, just looking to move to a bigger ship which is the AHF.”
    With the demise of long-serving president Sultan Azlan Shah who had served from 1990, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will try to keep the AHF throne in Malaysia.
   MHC senior vice president Nur Azmi Ahmad will stand for the vice-president’s post, while MHC vice presidents’ Manjit Majid Abdullah; and AHF incumbents S. Shamala and Datuk Rahim Ariff will go for the council members post.
   For the record, Shamala received the second highest vote four years ago, while Rahim will be defending his seat.