Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tengku Abdullah is now AHF president

TENGKU Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will helm the Asian  Hockey Federation (AHF) after he was unopposed when  nominations closed.
   The incumbent treasurer Fumio Ogura of Japan was also  returned unopposed, but the five vice-president’s posts will  see 12 hopefuls battling it out on Aug 31.
   And elections for council members, 10 in total, will see a  circus of 18 individuals ving for positions.
   The AHF president’s seat was held by the late Sultan Azlan  Shah who had served from 1990, and Tengku Abdullah will  continue the tradition of trying to revive Asian hockey.
   Four other Malaysian’s will also stand for posts and they  are MHC senior vice president’s Nur Azmi Ahmad and S.  Shamala who have been nominated for the veeps posts.
   Nur Azmi and Shamala have also been nominated for the  council, where she is an incumbent, together with another  incumbent Datuk Rahim Ariff.
   The newcomer from Malaysia for the council post is MHC  vice president Manjit Majid Abdullah.
   “I can safely presume, from experience. that some of those  who have been nominated for vice-presdients as well as  council members will pick one post to stand,” said acting AHF  president Tan Sri P. Alagendra.
   Alagendra, who has been secretary general of the AHF for  the past 18 years, will be honoured at the AHF Congress on  Aug 31.
    “The rules have changed, and those above 70 are not  eligible to stand for elections, and also, the AHF will no longer  have a secretary general which will be replaced by a CEO,”  said Alagendra.
   The CEO is Tayyab Ikram of Macau.
   AHF have 30 affiliates, out of which Indonesia, North  Korea and Mongolia have said they will not be attending the  Congress.
   “That leaves 27 countries with two votes each. The pres ident, secretary general as well as treasurer does not have  voting rights.”
   In pasing the baton, Alagendra said: “Asian hockey is  facing a challenging time as European, South American as  well as Oceania countries have left us far behind.
   “The incoming ofice bearers will have their hands full  tryng to revive their members fortunes,” said Alagendra.
    Tengku Abdullah is also an International Hockey Fed eration (FIH) Executive Board member as well as president of  the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHF).
   But he has made a stand not to defend his president’s post  in the MHC during the last council meeting where he said:  “I’m moving to a bigger ship (AHF) and not abandoning ship  (MHC) as I try and help hockey at a larger scale.”