Saturday, August 2, 2014

Manjit: I will propose for change...

MANJIT (left)

NATIONAL hockey coach K. Dharmaraj has deleted his FB account, and now the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) might just delete him from the coaching set-up before the Asian Games.
   Dharmaraj, who walked onto a minefield before the Commonwealth Games when he posted on FB that the MHC management is very weak, and that it should not manage the hockey body like people who still live in caves, or on trees.
   He received, and replied to a show-cause letter on that FB posting days before leaving for Glasgow.
    Dharmaraj had written on his FB:
   “Kenapalah pentadbiran kita lemah sangat.... Susah sangat ke, nak didik semua.....
   “...Jangan lah mentadbir macam orang duduk dalam gua atau duduk atas pokok....”
   (“Why is our administration weak ... is it so difficult, to guide everyone...
   “....Don’t administrate like people living in caves or on trees...”).
    “In my personal opinion, Dharmaraj and the present coaches should be removed from the set-up before the Asian Games which is just 50 days away,” said MHC senior veep as well as coaching chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah.
   This came about after Malaysia lost 4-2 to Trinidad and Tobago, after being whipped 8-1 by England.
   “I will put forward that proposal in the next coaching committee meeting, and it would be up to the committee  to decide and endorse, if they approve of my motion,” said Manjit.
    The World Cup was also a disaster as Malaysia lost all their matches and ended at the bottom of the pool.
   Before the World Cup, 10 senior players had a meeting with MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and asked for the coach to be removed.
   An MHC official confirmed the meeting, but wanted to remain anonymous: “The meeting did take place and 10 senior players wanted Tengku Abdullah to remove coach Dharmaraj before the World Cup as they had many issues with him.
   “But Tengku Abdullah did not want to rock the boat, and the outcome is for all to see,” said the official.
   Manjit believes al is not well and there is an element of anger among the players which needs to be addressed before the Asian Games, which offers a ticket to the 2016 Rio Olympics.
   “We need to address the situation fast, as there is distrust and other issues between the coach(s) and players. It does not look like we are ready for the Asian Games, but we need to have a team which will put up a fight, and not fight among themselves.
   “The new low was losing to Trinidad and Tobago, and now we need to rise from the ashes,” said Manjit.