Saturday, March 1, 2014

MHC: It's OK for Arul to wear two hats...

 MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) coaching com mittee chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah and his men see no  harm in national Juniors head coach Arul Selvaraj wearing  two hats.
     Arul, who is also the head coach for UniKL Hockey Club,  was lambasted by Old La Sallians Association of Klang  (OLAK-PKT) team manager Joseph de Silva, who claimed  that his players were almost pinched in an unethical man ner.
   De Silva said Arul, in a telephone conversation, had asked  for three of his best Olak boys to play for UniKL in Division  One of the Malaysia Hockey League which begins on March  16 with the final slated for May 18.
    The Olak team manager felt it was unethical for a national  juniors coach to also scout for players for his club, as there  might be conflict of interest later.
    “A few years back, the coaching committee was of the  opinion that national juniors coaches should not coach club  sides, but we have changed our stand last year and now they  are allowed,” said Manjit.
    Manjit and his committee are of the opinion that since there  is no clause stopping a juniors coach to coach a club in his  contract, they should be no problems arising at this point.
    “I think the misunderstanding among a club coach and  Arul should be settled by holding a joint-discussion with the  competitions committee.
    “The competitions committee can answer questions on this  matter, and they can also advise all the clubs on what do  when such a matter arises in future,” said Manjit.
    Arul had said: “"I'm a professional, so even though I coach  a club side, I will only pick the best when it comes for national  duty and there is no conflict of interest between selection for  my club or my country.”
    However, since the matter has been brought up by de Silva,  Olak manager since 1995, the relevant bodies must make  sure that player-pinching at the highest level does not  happen.
    “No doubt, schools and then clubs are the ones who  nurture and turn players into national material, and so when  their boys get pinched there is bound to be some issues. But  lets work together for the sake of the country,” said Manjit.