Sunday, December 8, 2013

Group B: France and Australia in quarter-finals

AUSTRALIA confirmed their quarter-final spot from Group B when they beat Spain 2-0 at the Dhayan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.
   And France followed suit from the same group, when they beat Argentina 3-2 for six points after two matches.
   The Australian win, came at the back of a  5-2 win against Argentina on the opening day, and the Aussies have

France next to decide if they top the group or finish second.
    Australia, the bronze medallists in the 2009 Malaysia-Singapore Junior World Cup, only had two weeks of

training, and two friendly matches against New Zealand before heading to New Delhi.
   Second half goals from captain Daniel Beale and his fellow Queenslander Daniel Beale won them the match.
    "Even though we won two straigh matches, but the boys still play in patches and this is not their full potential.

However, after today, I believe the players will perform better," said Australia Coach, Paul Gaudoin.
   Spain Captain Alejendro de Frutos said: "It was a tough match against Australia, and the defeat has placed us in a

very difficult position in this tourrnament, however, we need to continue and win our next game against Argentina tomorrow (today)”.