Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FIH CEO Fairweather inspects JB for 2018 bid..

INTERNATIONAL Hockey Federation (FIH) CEO Kelly Fairweather visited the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru on Monday as a  prerequisite to Malaysia's bid to host the 2018 senior World Cup.
   Four countries have placed their bids for the men's tournament, and Malaysia are one of the stronger contenders going by past hosting records.
   And if the FIH choose Malaysia, it would be the third time the country will host the World Cup with the first being in 1975 and the second was in 2002 where 16 teams competed.
   "I am in Johor to look at the bid venue, after which I will head for the other countries that have placed bids to host the men's and also the women's world cups," said Fairweather.
   For the men's World Cup the four countries that have placed bids are Malaysia, previous hosts India, Australia and New Zealand.
   And for the women's tournament England, Australia and New Zealand have been shortlisted.
   And there was more good news for Malaysia's bid as Fairwether said: "Since the 2018 World Cups will be 16-team events, the FIH would be looking at different hosts for the men's and women's tornamants as we want to package them separately and not cramp up the hosts venue."
    Malaysia have only placed the bid to host the men's event, which will be jointly held in Johor Baru and Malacca.
    Plans are also afoot to enhance the Taman Daya and Malacca stadium's seating capacity, pending the final decision by the FIH Executive Board in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Nov 7.