Wednesday, August 21, 2013

D-Day for Eurp men.. What happens if?

Today is the big day in the men’s event: who will be our semi-finalists?  
   The day starts with Pool B, when Ireland meet England (half-time now and England lead 2-0). 
   This is the decisive game in Pool B, as the Netherlands are already confirmed as semi-finalists, and Poland is equally certain of moving into the relegation pool. England will reach the semi-finals with a win or draw, while Ireland must win to avoid the Pool C.

In Pool A, we first have Germany taking on the Czech Republic. If Germany loses, they are in the relegation pool, but if Germany wins or draws, they depend on the result of the subsequent match between Belgium and Spain. If Belgium wins after Germany has won or drawn, it’s Belgium and Germany in the semi-finals.
If Belgium and Spain draw after Germany has won, it’s Belgium and Germany who are in the Top Four, but if Belgium and Spain draw after Germany has drawn with the Czech Republic, it’s Belgium and Spain who are semi-finalists.
  If Spain wins after Germany has won its match, it all comes down to goal difference!