Monday, September 17, 2012

Olympian Randir passes away..

FORMER Olympian Randir Singh passed away on Sept 15, leaving behind memories of a disciplinarian for those who were coached by him.
   Randir played hockey in the 1972 Munich Olympics, where Malaysia finished eighth among 16 teams.
   He was a midfielder, and the Army man was fondly remembered by veteran coach C. Paramalingam.
   “He played alongside the likes of Khairuddin Zainal, Takbir Ahmad, A. Belvantheran, N. Sri Shanmuganathan and Brian Sta Maria in the Munich Olympics.
   “And he was also the assistant coach during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The thing I remember most about him is that he was a disciplinarian who in his coaching days, was responsible for making the LA team physically at their best,” said Paramalingam.
    After Randir retired as a Warrant Officer, he ventured into business in Klang.
   “We used to met occasionally after he retired from the Army, and talk about how he made the players run up the Sungai Besi hill (high gradient) where all the players would complain and struggle to finish.
   “But later on, they thanked him for the physical training which made them into better players,” said Paramalingam.