Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Champions Trophy will be India’s real test..

Five-time World Player of the Year, Australian hockey striker Jamie Dwyer has put a "two-year cap on his international career".
  Dwyer, also the Kookaburras captain, is considered among the best strikers of the present era, and even at 33 is the most sought player world-wide. His impeccable game sense and exemplary skills inside the striking circle mark him out.
  Said Dwyer in a chat, "Even though I am extremely passionate about hockey, I will have to slow down somewhere. Another two years is what I would say.
  "I have had a decent international career, with an Olympic gold and two bronze, and a World Cup title. I would have loved to finish with a gold in London, my last Olympics but we faltered in our semi-final game against eventual winners Germany. Still, I would take all that I have happily."
  Asked about India’s performance at the London Games where they finished 12th, Dwyer reckoned it took time to adapt to a new style of play.
  "India and Australia do not play hockey like the Europeans. We have our own style of attacking hockey that is different.
  "India did not look consistent during the Olympics, but I believe they are a good side and have always been tough to play against. I think perhaps they could not adapt to the changes introduced in their play structure and would be able to do so ahead.
  "The Champions Trophy in Melbourne (in December) will be their real test," said Dwyer.
  The Perth-based Dwyer, who also handles an online coaching course along with Australia team-mate Mark Knowles to help educate youngsters about the nuances of the game, will now ply his trade in the Hockey India League, set for a January 2013 bully-off.
  That the league has found an official window from the world body (FIH) makes it a huge plus for the overseas players.
  "We have been waiting for somthing like this," said Dwyer. "And India is the right place to hold such a league. The amount of passion and fan following that any sport needs is present here. India is incredible in that sense."
  Dwyer, in fact, had named his younger son Taj, after capping a successful year in India in 2010. "Year 2010, when my second son was born, was a kind of an Indian year for me. We won the World Cup and then the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and it was a high. I loved the name Taj, which is also little bit popular in Australia.
  "Though it’s funny that neither me nor little Taj have seen the beautiful Taj Mahal yet! One day hopefully we will be able to do it," he said with a smile.

   The Asian Age