Sunday, August 12, 2012

Markus the Midas...

Match Review

Markus WEISE (GER) - coach - gold

On Germany's performance: "It was a super final full of good hockey and fighting spirit from both sides - two top teams. A final always has one sweet part and one bitter part, today we got the sweet part of it. For them it was probably harder to play the final because throughout the tournament they did not experience any difficulties. We did not have great difficulties either but we lost once and we drew once so we had some things to think about. Today in the final it happened for the first time that they had something to think about. Not just easy cruising through, so that was to our benefit."
On whether this is the best German side he has coached (following his third successive Olympic gold medal - two men's and one women's): "I don't think it is a good idea to compare teams with each other, because it is four years difference, they are not the same teams, the sport changes. I can't honestly say - it's a super team, yes, and all the teams I have coached are incomparable. They are different in character and playing style."

Maximilian MUELLER (GER) 
 On winning the gold medal: "It's unbelievable. After the hard pool matches, we never thought about it. We just about the next match and getting better in the tournament. Getting this medal is unbelievable."

On Jan Philipp RABENTE (GER) scoring two goals: "I'm not surprised because Rabi is a super player. He's one of our midfield players that normally appears more in the defensive part of the midfield. Today he was in the Dutch circle and he scored two goals. I'm very happy for him because sometimes it's good that such players can stand right in the middle of such games. I'm sure he will see his goals more than 100 times in the next few weeks."

Jan Philipp RABENTE (GER)
 On scoring two goals in the Olympic final: "It was one of the best moments in my life, I can't really believe it right now."

On scoring his second goal: "It was just destiny to stand in the right place at the right time. Every player would have scored this goal so it's not that important."

Paul VAN ASS (NED) - coach 
On the performance of Netherlands: "Congratulations to the German team, I think they played very strong today, stronger than in the European final when we played them. Today they were even better. We too were better as well, but it wasn't to the same degree that they improved. It was a good final. The first quarter we were looking for balance because our midfielder Klaas (VERMEULEN) couldn't play (he got injured in the semifinal). He's a good player and his leadership is also important for our team, especially when we try to go one on one or they try to press us."

On how he would have preferred to play Australia in the final: "I would have like to play against Australia to be honest because they are another culture again and they are number one in the world, although I don't think they will be after this tournament. That would have been fun and a big challenge. But this was also a big challenge, it was OK."

On the match: "In the first quarter it was definitely for Germany; in the second quarter we got a bit of control and then the Germans scored a goal. It wasn't great but they did it. Then after half-time we drew 1-1 and I thought, 'now we can get the initiative,' but again they made it 2-1 and that killed us - maybe it was a lack of time. They defended super today, super. You can see we have been very skilful throughout this tournament but their defence beat our skills in the end."

Christopher ZELLER (GER)
On winning his second Olympic gold: "It is indescribable. To win again and in such a close match is unbelievable. Tonight was a big fight against two very good teams but we believe in ourselves, and have always believed, but to actually do it is another thing."
On playing Netherlands (NED) in the final after losing to them in their pool match: "It was good for us to meet them again in the final. This time we did not make mistakes, so we made up for losing when we played them last. I think it was meant to happen."
On what he will do after London 2012: "It has been a long two weeks so now we will party of course. I don't think I will be at another Olympics as by then I will be 30/31, so now is my time. I think I would like to finish my studies in law after hockey."

Philipp ZELLER (GER) - gold
On what it feels like to have won gold: "It's just amazing. I'm so overwhelmed with all the impressions I have right now. I'm just happy that all the work paid off today. I'm very proud of my team."
On the match: "The Netherlands did a lot right today, they had enough chances but our defence was just too good today and the fighting and winning spirit in our team was too big. It's just great."

Floris EVERS (NED)
On the team's performance: "We didn't play the best match. We played a really good tournament, especially when you see the young guys in the team, with a lot of people in their first Olympics.
"It was a 50-50 game, and against the Germans they will make it a 50-50 game, because they are good with those kind of games. So my compliments to them. For us, it's a little bit disappointing that we didn't play the best hockey. But overall I'm really proud of the team. It could have been better but we'll celebrate the silver."
On why they lost the match: "We were a little bit impressed by playing an Olympic final. I don't think we did it all wrong, but we didn't do it all right. We could have played more attacking hockey, but maybe that's inexperience."


On the defeat to Germany: "I think we played OK in the second half. In the first half we had some good opportunities, we were, maybe, a bit unlucky with converting them. They had the same amount of chances and they scored a few minutes before the end. Then it is difficult to win. But we gave everything we've got so I think we can be very, very proud with the tournament that we have played and, maybe, with the result, a great silver medal and I think Holland is back where it belongs. That's in an Olympic final and at the top of world hockey. We have a very young squad and they will be good in the near future."
On his assessment of the tournament: "The tournament was great for me. I got a great deal of energy from the younger kids in our team. They were great and played fantastically. They pushed me to get the best out of myself"

On his future: "I will be in Rio (2016) but looking, as a fan of hockey. Maybe I will do something in hockey, we will see. First, though, I will play one more year at my club Bloemendaal (Netherlands) and see what happens after that."