Friday, July 20, 2012

Only six for MHL Premier Division

THE Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) will start on Sept 1,  and the Premier Division would be limited to six teams as the  parent body look for quality matches.
    The MHL will only run for 40 days, with the final slated for  Oct 10. The format would be home-and away, while the semi- finals will be a two leg affair.
    These were some of the decisions taken by the Malaysian  Hockey Confederation (MHF) Technical Committee.
    “It would be a short league, as we have to accommodate the  Razak Cup, Sultan of Johor Cup and the Champions Challenge I as well,” said MHC secretary Johari Aziz.
    The Razak Cup would be held on Oct 14-23, followed by the  Sultan of Johor Cup on Nov 8-18 and then the Champions  Challenge I in Argentina on Nov 24-Dec 2.
    “National players, seniors and juniors, would be released  to play for their states in the Razak Cup after which they will  regroup for the Sultan of Johor Cup and the CC I,” said  Johari.
     The MHL will be a major change this year, with the TNB  Cup only for Premier Division teams, and there would be no  promotion for the Division One sides to play in the knock-out  overall stage.
    “This is because many teams, like Armed Forces and UiTM  do not want to play in the Premier Division after they received  a drubbing last season.
    “So, the TNB Cup will only be for Premier Division sides,  while another trophy would be made available for the  Division One Overall title,” said Johari.
    The Division One is expected to receive more than 10  entries, and so would be held on a league basis.
     Meanwhile, Yayasan Negri Sembilan will not compete in  the MHL this season, as Negri officials want to use the  RM500,000 to develop their grassroot leagues rather than  spend it in the Premier Division.