Sunday, July 29, 2012

Imposter joins India at Opening parade

Odd one out: Indian officials have demanded an apology after an unidentified woman, wearing a red top and turquoise trousers, led athletes through the Olympic stadium

It was supposed to be one of the proudest moments of their lives, the chance to show the world that they were ready to take part in the Olympics.

But India's athletes had the limelight stolen from them as they filed through the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony - by an imposter who slipped through one of the tightest security operations Britain has ever seen.

The unidentified woman looked conspicuous in a red top and turquoise trousers as she walked with the team, who were all wearing yellow turbans or saris.
     Indian officials have made a complaint to London's Olympic organisers about the incident, during which the woman walked just to the right of the country's flag-bearer Sushil Kumar.
The woman was not wearing an identification badge and the team has demanded an apology.

India's acting chef-de-mission Muralidharan Raja said: 'She had no business being there. It was a clear case of intrusion.
    'She embarrassed us in front of the world. The Indian contingent was shown (on television) for just 10 seconds, and to think this lady hogged all the limelight.'
Mr Raja, asked if he believed the woman was an Indian, said: 'She could be Asian, Latin American, I don't know.'