Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too cold, too hot, too much...

NOT much has changed in two months, as Malaysia again fell 3-2 to South Korea albeit in the Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh this time around.
    Finishing sixth out of seven teams is not the issue here as seven juniors were inserted into the team, and naturally some of them froze on the big stage.
    Malaysia, for the record, also lost 3-2 to South Korea in the Dublin Olympic Qualifier in March and the first Korean goal was scored in the fourth minute then.
   In Ipoh yesterday, the Koreans scored their first goal in the first minute of the match courtesy of Hyun Hue Sang.
    Hafifi Hafiz equalised in the 17th minute, but the Koreans raced ahead with goals two goals in a span of eight minutes when Jong-Hyun scored off a penalty corner flick in 42nd minute while You Hyo-sik scored from close range in the 50th minute to give the Koreans a 3-1 lead.
    Faizal Saari, 21, slotted in his fifth goal of the tournament in the 64th minute but the Koreans held on to victory.
    The most amazing part of this drama was the press conference where outgoing Malaysian coach Tai Beng Hai blamed the weather, and his forwards.
   “It was also difficult for my players to play in the humid weather (3.30pm start). They also tend to lose the ball easily in the match,” said Beng hai.
    In Dublin, it was too cold when the Koreans won, and now in Malaysia, it is too hot but still the Koreans won.
    RESULTS: Final -- Argentina x New Zealand x; Third-Fourth:  Britain x India x; Fifth-Sixth: Malaysia 2 South Korea 3.