Friday, June 22, 2012

Arul waiting to sign...

ARUL Selvaraj (pic) is just waiting to sign on the dotted line to  join the Malaysian coaching circle, as he has already met  National Sports Council (NSC) officials a few days back and  discussed terms with them.
    When contacted yesterday: “Yes, I have met with officials  from the NSC and we discussed terms but not the KPI yet, as  it is still early stages.”
    Arul is tipped to be the next assistant coach to South  African Paul Revington, who was also down in Kuala Lumpur  recently to discuss with Malaysian Hockey Confederation  (MHC) officials.
    “I do not know what transpired when Paul met hockey  officials, but he has left the country. I’m still around until  August, as I took leave from my club to come home for  holidays,” said Arul.
    After Tai Beng Hai failed to take Malaysia into the  Olympics, the MHC started a serious hunt for a foreign coach  to change the country’s hockey fortunes.
   With South Africa, Revington coached for three years and  the South Africans moved up to 10th from 14th in the world  rankings, and have now qualified for the London Olympics.  South Africa, under Revington, also played in the 2004  Olympics and the 2006 World Cup.
    As for former national coach Tai Beng Hai, he has been  appointed Coaching Director to oversee junior development  until 2021.
    Revington and Arul were with Ireland, who also failed to  qualify for London as they lost to South Korea in the final.
    “I can’t comment too much about this matter yet because I  am still waiting for a reply from the relevant bodies. However,  it would be good to be back in Malaysia after being away for  a long time,” said Arul.
    Arul left for South Africa after his attachment with Paul  Lissek, and was assistant to Revington. Both of them then  moved to Ireland in 2008, and are said to have caught the  attention of the MHC because of their dedication and com mitment.
    Revington’s contract with the Irish team ends this month,  while Arul will have to sort out matters with his club Three  Rock Rovers HC.
   “I have informed club officials on my discussions in  Malaysia, and if I get a contract, it will not be a problem to get  a release form my club and concentrate on Malaysia,” said  Arul.