Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shakeel and Rehan fined one million rupees

The Pakistan Hockey Federation received instructions regarding Sanctioned and Unsanctioned events being staged all over the world in hockey playing countries, which were ultimately circulated to all affiliated units for strict compliance in Pakistan. Following Pakistani players have contractual obligations with M/s. NIMBUS who organised World Hockey Series in India, which was declared by the FIH as “Unsanctioned”:-
  M/s. Rehan Butt, Waseem Ahmed, Zeeshan Ashraf, Shakeel Abbasi, Imran Warsi, Adnan Maqsood, Tariq Aziz and Mudassar Ali Khan.
   It was very alarming for the PHF and PHF immediately informed FIH about these players. Over and above, PHF forwarded this case to PHF Disciplinary Committee to probe and investigate into the matter and forward recommendations for President PHF. In the meantime, PHF issue Show Cause Notices to all the players who took part in the unsanctioned event. The replies to the Show Cause Notices are still awaited.
   PHF Discipline Committee called all the players on 7th May 2012. The players appeared before the Committee are Rehan Butt, Waseem Ahmed, Zeeshan Ashraf, Shakeel Abbasi and Tariq Aziz. Imran Warsi, Adnan Maqsood and Mudassar Ali Khan did not appear before the Committee for unknown reasons.
   The Committee demanded from the players their original contract/documents with the NIMBUS and record of first payment received. All of them provided the required record except Imran Warsi being out of country.
   The recommendations of the PHF Discipline Committee have been received and President PHF has approved the recommendations as under:-
   1. M/s. Shakeel Abbasi and Rehan Butt have been fined one million rupees (US$10 711 / GB£6 825 / €8 521) each as they preferred money over the PHF and national cause, as both of them were earmarked for the national team, which is preparing to take part in the London Olympics. They not only violated PHF Constitution/FIH Bye-Laws but have brought embarrassment to the nation.
   2. Rest of the players who participated has been fined Rs. 2.5 lakhs (UD$2 677 / GB£1 706 / €2 130) each.
   3. If the players do not pay the fine imposed will be banned to participate for a period of one year in national/international hockey activities.
    According to PHF Constitution, the players have the right to appeal to President PHF within seven days from date of issue of this letter