Friday, May 4, 2012

Beat Korea at all cost...

MALAYSIA v IRAN: Faizal Saari (standing at the back) was a mere spectator in this match. Malaysia won 6-1 but were unconvincing.

MALAYSIA will throw everything they have against South  Korea in the Junior Asia Cup today, as a defeat might just cost  them a place in the World Cup.
    Although they still have the Japan match in hand on  Monday, coach K. Dharmaraj is not willing to take any  hiccups.
    “To be frank, South Korea had an off day just like Malaysia,  but still beat Japan 4-1 because they were sharper in the  semi-circle.
    “Japan were the better side, and it would be dangerous to  drop any points before meeting them.
    “I will throw everything I have against Korea, and ease the  pressure in our last group match,” said Dharmaraj.
     The Koreans would also not be sitting pretty, as a win  would ensure them a World Cup berth, as they only have Iran  to beat after that.
    The Junior Asia Cup offers four tickets to the World Cup in  New Delhi next year, including the automatic berth of hosts  India.
    “We must beat Korea at all cost to virtually qualify for the  World Cup with the Japan match in hand.
    “There is no other path, as I do not want to go into the Japan  match on Monday under pressure,” said Dharmaraj.
     Malaysia beat Iran 6-1 on Thursday, but were  off colour  and Dharmaraj believes the jitters are over.
    “It was a win, but not the kind of game that I would like to  see my boys play against Korea and Japan. The basics were  bad, and it was lucky that the penalty corner goals came even  though Iran were running kamikaze against our flickers,”  said Dharmaraj.
    The senior team also had two chance to qualify for the final  of the Dublin Olympic Qualifier, but they blew their first  against South Korea and the pressure of playing Ireland next  was too much to handle.
    “I was in Dublin, and know that there is no second chance.  It is now or never against Korea in Malacca,” said Dhar maraj.
    RESULTS -- Group B: Pakistan x China x, India x Sri  Lanka  x
    TODAY:  (Group A): Japan v Iran (6.05pm), Malaysia v  Korea  (8.05pm).
   TOMORROW: China v Sri Lanka (Group B) (4.05pm); India  vs  Pakistan  (Group B) (6.05pm); Korea v Iran (Group A)   (8.05pm).
   May 7: China v India (Group B) (4.05pm); Pakistan v Sri   Lanka (Group  B) (6.05pm); Japan v Malaysia (Group A)   (8.05pm).
   NOTE:  Matches at MBM Stadium in Malacca.