Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Subahan leads Selangor HA

In the recent Selangor Hockey Association’s Bi-Annual General Meeting held at Kelab Shah Alam, Dato Salamon Selamat, President for 12 years stepped down and Dato Sri Subahan Kamal, the Incumbent Deputy President was unanimously elected as President to lead the association with his team for the coming term.
Dato Sri Subahan, who was the Deputy President of Selangor Hockey Association (SHA) since 2009, has brought forth many changes positive changes and, as Competition Committee Chairman, Dato Sri Subahan personally saw to the revival of the Selangor hockey league with the introduction of more tournaments and competitions for various age groups as well as aggressive sponsorship procurement.
SHA also saw an improvement in the administration side of the Association with the introduction of the SHA Official Webpage (www.sha.com.my) and the building of the SHA Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/112764502113148/)
Dato Sri Subahan in his acceptance speech, thanked the Association for having the full confidence in him and his team to lead for the next term. He also thanked Dato Salamon for the 15 years in total he has contributed towards Selangor hockey. Dato Sri Subahan said there are many challenges facing hockey in Selangor but he is prepared to take them head on to bring back the former glory days of Selangor Hockey Association.

Full BGM Results

President YB Dato’ Sri Subahan Bin Kamal - unopposed
Deputy President Dato S.Sivasundaram - unopposed
Vice President (4)
1. Maj. Rtd V.Manisegaran
2. Mr. Noor Azman B. Surudh Ali
3. Mr. Jadadish Chandra
4. Mr. Brian G. Fernandez
Hon. Secretary
Mr. Kuganeson Poologasingam - unopposed
Hon. Treasurer
Mr. N. Ganeswaran - unopposed
Independent Member
Mr. P.Balamuraly - unopposed