Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wary of Canada and France

Chief coach rates Canada and France as toughest of India's rivals in the qualifying event for the London Olympics.
“In the next four-five days we will complete the analysis of all the participating teams,” said Nobbs on Tuesday.
The Aussie said he was happy with the preparations of the team on its mission to achieve a berth in the Olympics.
“We are focussing on every little detail, every little thing that can cost us,” he said.
“Dilip (Tirkey) is working hard with the defenders and his experience will be very handy. He is working on every aspect of defence,” he added.
Nobbs said he was pleased also with the improvement of the side in penalty corner conversion.
Apart from Canada and France, India will also, understandably, be careful against Poland.
Italy (28) and Singapore (41), the two other teams in the competition, are ranked way below India in the world rankings.
The Indian team has been playing some practice matches against domestic sides and will likely avoid any warm-up game against the nations competing in the Olympic qualifier.

The Hindu