Friday, January 13, 2012

Beng Hai lashes out..

NATIONAL chief coach Tai Beng Hai is fuming with anger after some quarters claimed that there are seething problems among his charges, and that is why they played badly in the two China friendlies.
Malaysia are currently involved in a five-series with China, and lost the first two matches 2-1 and 4-1.
“There are absolutely no issues among my players and neither is there a boycott by four players as claimed by several quarters.
“My charges have given me and the coaching set-up 110 per cent, so to speak, in training and also matches, and I will stand by them in any situation, that is my promise to them,” said Beng Hai.
According to Beng Hai, six of his charges are currently involved with University examinations, and juggle training, playing matches and study has led to them being heavy footed.
“I have been pressing them hard in training and at this point, they are heavy footed because of that. My end target is the Olympic Qualifiers in March, and that is when they will be primed to be at their best.
“There is no use in them peaking during the China series, because these are just friendlies which were arranged to compliment with my training.”
The coach also said his charges are perplexed and angry as to why they have been shoved into the wrong limelight, when there are absolutely no issues at hand.
“The players are hurt as reports claim that there is a split in the team. This is absolutely rubbish, and I would also like to state that we have achieved all the targets set for us, and even won a surprise silver in the Asian Games.
“The end target is the Olympic Qualifiers and I urge the critics to give the players a break and don’t be quick to judge them just because we lost two friendlies against China.
“For the record, we beat China in the World Cup Qualifier in Invercargill (3-0), then the Asian Games (4-2) and also the Asian Champions Trophy in Ordos (4-2).
“There is absolutely no reason to raise the alarm at this stage, as the coaching set-up is aware of their task at hand and we will prepare the best for Dublin,” said Beng Hai.
The national players will play their third friendly against China today at 5.30pm at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil.