Sunday, November 14, 2010

FIH leave Asian hockey out in cold

By S.S. Dhaliwal (pic).

IT’S high time countries from Asia tell FIH to go fly kites.
The money for hockey is in Asia with Pakistan and India the cash cows in terms of TV rights.
Yet the FIH pay scant respect to Asia as evident in the quota system released for the 2012 London Olympics.
Out of 12 places available, one goes to the host country, five to the continental champions and three to ranking of FIH.
So if Great Britain wins the Euro Championships, mind you they play as England there, then there will be another three places for Europe.
And here is where it gets more ridiculous , the champion of Oceania and the runner-up are given places in London. Just how many teams from Oceania are in the top 20 world rankings.
For the Asians, who have South Korea, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China and Japan in the top 20 of the world rankings, we are given only one spot automatically and the next five have to play with another 13 countries to vie for three spots remaining.
Utter rubbish FIH and this is discrimination against Asia, period.
So AHF should just tell FIH where to go as far as the Olympics is concerned, and forget about the Premier Series.
For once stand up and be counted Asia as for far too long have you been taken to the cleaners by these so called wise men of FIH.
They want our money but not our teams.
Read the FIH Quota System at