Friday, October 22, 2010

Tengku Majid to stand amid intimidating SMS

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) nominees for their Oct 31 election stuck to their guns, even after one aspiring deputy president received an intimidating SMS, as none of them withdrew when the deadline ended yesterday.
The deputy president's post will see incumbent Nur Azmi Ahmad being challenged by current vice-president Datuk Dr S.S. Cheema, former deputy president Tengku Majid Sultan Iskandar and former international Abdul Hadi.
In the vice president's race eight will go to the ballot and they are incumbents Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh, Datuk Rahim Ariff and M. Gobinathan.
The newcomers are Ow Soon Kooi, Johari Abdul Aziz, Mohinder Singh, Manjit Majid Abdullah and Rahim Ahmad.
Tengku Majid said he will stand even after receiving an intimidating SMS: "I received an SMS which said the president (Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah) does not support my move to stand for deputy president.
"I have spoken to the president and he told me that he does not have a preffered team for the elections and that he can work with anybody who is given the mandate by affiliates. He said he does not have a problem with me standing for deputy."
Part of the SMS, forwarded by Tengku Majid to this scribe, read: "Looks like we want to work with you but you don't want to work with us. Our common enemy xxx will win if we don't plan and work together.
"It is an open secret that president is not keen in you being DP when he is there. If you lose you can never come back to MHF. I know you can contribute alot to MHF but you must be patient to win. If you believe me than work with me, if not all the best to you.
"I am 16 years in MHF. I have never lost in any MHF election. The people I support always win including you previously. Give a deep thought."
The SMS spurred Tengku Majid to go the distance: "If I am elected I will not meddle with the national team as there are already too many people running the show up there. I am more interested to revive hockey at the states and club level, and that will be my passion for the next four years."