Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dog-gone Delhi Games..

PIC: Stray dogs in Kashmir.

AS IF the problems couldn’t get worse for Commonwealth Games organisers, a stray dog evaded security and run amok inside the main athletics stadium on Saturday.
A women’s 400m hurdles heat was about to start when the mangy dog darted across the finish line and onto the field.
Initially, no-one made any effort to catch it before several officials tried cornering the mutt, who gave them the run around before darting out an exit as the crowd in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium erupted in laughter.
AFP photographers said the dog had also been seen inside the arena earlier in the day before the competition started, playing with some cables.
It wasn’t just dogs that athletes had to deal with on Saturday, with large birds circling low over the stadium and swooping down on the field.
Despite their best efforts to keep mosquitoes away, the athletics stadium has been beset by insects, moths, cockroaches and some very large unidentified bugs that have been dropping down into the press tribune.