Thursday, October 7, 2010

Condoms clog Games Village toilets

NEW DELHI: Used condoms, clogged toilets and safe sex.
This time around, the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG) Games Village is in the news for a different reason.
Thousands of used condoms were found to have clogged drains in the games village after athletes flushed them down the toilet.
Irked maintenance staff had to call in the plumber to clear the mess in toilets when athletes complained of clogged toilets.
They discovered that condoms were the cause, reported a daily newspaper.
Asked to comment on the issue, Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) chief Mike Fennell replied: "Shows athletes are responsible."
"Hope they (staff) clean up the toilets. If that is the story, then it is very positive.
"It shows the use of condoms, athletes are getting more responsible. Earlier, there were lot of controversies to promote safe sex," Fennnell told the media today.
Organisers have installed nearly 200 condom-vending machines at the games village, and about 100,000 condoms would be distributed free of charge for athletes throughout the games.
And, the brand name of the free condom is -- get this -- ''Play Safe''!