Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pakistan players make about turn

ISLAMABAD: Less than a week after they resigned owning moral responsibility for their flop show in the World Cup in Delhi, Pakistani hockey players have taken their resignations back.
Pakistan finished 12th in the World Cup, but the players agreed to take back their resignations after a meeting with Federal Sports Minister Ijaz Jakhrani.
According to sources, Jakhrani asked the players to withdraw their resignations, saying they were still 'good enough' to serve the nation. Jakhrani said he has also asked the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) President Qasim Zia not to accept the players' resignation.
Asked whether PHF secretary and team manager Asif Bajwa would be sacked or not, Jakhrani said a final decision would be taken by the PHF. "I will consult with the higher authorities and if we feel that by sacking Bajwa Pakistan hockey can improve, we will remove him," The Daily Times quoted Jakhrani, as saying.

The Times of India