Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brigade 313 warns hockey teams

A security guard looks on at the Major Dhyan Chand hockey stadium, New Delhi

Why is brigade 313 suddenly relevant? Because some phone recordings from 26/11, have revealed terror leaders’ conversations about impending 313’s possible motives including potential attacks of greater magnitude. It is also more relevant because of one more thing. Brigade 313 is a direct reference to the 313 warriors who fought in the battle of Badr, a decisive early battle in the history of Islam. The terror masterminds seemed to warn that something more sinister was being cooked up in their terror kilns. The two most important dates to watch out for, will be March the 13th (3/13) and March the 17th, the anniversary of the famous battle of Badr. And the attacks may not come from the sea route this time. -- From

By Sardar Khan

Security fears are on the rise after Brigade 313 of Kashmiri Mujahidin issued a fresh warning threatening to carry out attacks all over India like the one recently took place in Pune on Feb 13, killing nine people and wounding 55 at a bakery frequently visited by foreigners. Brigade 313 is said to be an operational arm of Al-Qaeda.
The recent warning delivered to Asian times online said,
“We warn the international community not to send their people to the 2010 Hockey World Cup, IPL [Indian Premier League - a cricket competition involving international players] and Commonwealth Games [to be held in Delhi later this year]. Nor should their people visit India - if they do, they will be responsible for the consequences”.
It’s not out of place to mention that recently Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena threatened it will not allow Indian Premier League cricket (IPL) matches in Mumbai, involving Australian players in retaliation to attacks taking place on Indian citizens/students in Australia.
Similarly, Shiv Sena has threatened to attack Pakistani athletes that prompted Pakistan hockey federation to request Govt to send a security inspection team to India that is due to travel to India in couple of days.
It may be remembered that after similar terrorist threats, English Badminton team had rushed home from Hyderabad Deccan without taking part in world Badminton championship last year.
Meanwhile, Australian Cricketers Association has also shown concerns after Pune bomb blast and said it was seeking security advice from experts. On the other hand, USA,UK and Australian Governments have also issued renewed travel advice to adopt extra care while traveling to India.
In this regard, former President of the cricket’s ruling body ICC Mr. Ehsan Mani in an exclusive interview to VOA said that India and the whole sub-continent was a dangerous region in terms of security and instability. He feared that any major terror incident during hockey world cup in Delhi or Commonwealth Games would jeopardize hosting of 2011 cricket world cup matches in India. exclusive