Thursday, November 5, 2009

Green Card to Goalkeeper Can Kill

KICKING-BACK or lamb in the New Zealand slaughter house?

The Malaysian Hockey federation (MHF) requested for clarification form the International Hockey Federation (FIH) on the new green card ruling which is being used in the France Qualifier right now, and will be used in New Zealand from Saturday.
Players get two minutes, fair enough, but the ruling on goalkeeper can kill a match, or an outfield player.
The FIH confirmed that a green card to the goalkeeper will see him sitting out for two minutes, and a kicking back nominated, but no substitution allowed.

And here is the icing: No time will be given to the kicking-fullback to don protective gear!
The FIH have have turned hockey into a dangerous game, and will the FIH be responsible in the event the kicking back, who is not given time to wear protective gear, gets hurt badly in the head while trying to stop the ball?
Is there insurance? What if a player dies while doing the duty of kicking back?
Fools make laws which are endorsed by bigger fools, and only idiots will not protest, but follow like lamb in the slaughter house.
Time for the Asian Hockey Federation, right up to the Chile Hockey Federation to send a protest note to the FIH, or forever remain silent and don't make a fuss if a player dies on the pitch for another's Green Card mistake.